Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

2 Factories with a total of 93,000 sq. meters (1,000,000 sq. ft.)

factory floor space

Fast SMT Machines handling up to 01005 packages (Pb-free ready)

Fine pitch SMT BGA and Chip On Board assembly; COB Facilities and Clean Room environment

PCBA Assembly Lines

Casing Assembly Lines

Bar-code Trace-ability system



For most of the electronic devices, the core is the PCBA. We have 9 in house SMT line provide strong and stable capability support for our customers order, commit high production quality, and flexible schedule for urgent demand.

 SMT 2.jpg

-01005s/ 0201s

- 9 SMT lines


- Flexible PCB

- Ultra Fine Pitch/0.4mm

- X-Ray Inspection



- Solder Paste Inspection





- 35 Injection Machines

- 20 - 500 tons Clamping force

- In-house tool maintenance workshop

- Double shot molding

- Auto Spraying Painting Machines

- Silk-screening Machines

- UV Coating Machine

- Laser Engraving Machine

- Cable Harness

- Precision Parts Metal Stamping



 Assembly (1).jpg

- 25 Assembly lines

- 18,00 workers in 2 factories

- 50,000pcs daily output

- Dedicated Production Floor


Test Equipment

An independent department is responsible for checking the safety and quality of all newly developed products as well as the mass-produced devices ready for market.

test e.jpg

- Automatic Optical Inspection

- Automatic X-Ray Inspection

- Solder Paste Inspection

- In-Circuit Testers

- Spectrum Analyzers

- Network Analyzers

- Digital Signal Generators

- RF Tuning Chambers

- ESD Test System

- Vibration Tester

- Thermal Cycle Chambers

- In-house 3D printer for mock up samples

- Over 100 PC-based test stations and associated  

- Jigs for production testing